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Parts Description screw refrigeration equipment

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Screw refrigeration equipment work is to rely on the movement of the engagement of a male rotor and a female child, and by means of the space surrounding the rotor around the inner wall of the housing completed. When the rotor rotates, the teeth, alveolar and the inner wall of the rotor housing was composed of "V" shaped pair of interdental volume called primitive volume, cyclical changes in the volume size will happen, but it will be along the axial movement of the rotor from the suction port side to the exhaust port side, the refrigerant gas sucked and compressed to a certain pressure discharge.
When primitives from the minimum to the maximum volume changes, it radial and axial suction port communicates getter process when the maximum volume primitives and spaced from the intake port, the intake volume by the end of primitives thereafter the maximum becomes smaller, the compression process begins when a primitive gas volume begins with axial and radial exhaust port is turned until the evacuated process volume becomes zero until the primitive. Continuous operation with those of the rotor, the intake, compression, and exhaust cycles, each primitive volume followed another work, constitutes a duty cycle of screw refrigeration equipment from the foregoing, the two rotors turning phase cater to the side, by gas compression, known as the high pressure area, the other side of the rotor from each other, primitive teeth suction gas volume, known as low-pressure zone. High pressure zone and the low pressure area by the contact line between the two curved rotor teeth are separated. In addition, the volume of the gas intake primitive as the rotor rotates, the intake end to the exhaust end spiraling. Thus, the suction and discharge orifice screw refrigeration equipment are generally arranged in a diagonal. 

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